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Drone-Partner presents an interesting package of drone services !

“Drone” is a common used name for RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). In several occasions, unfortunately,  the word “drone” has a negative image due to the military use in wars and also a lot of incidents by unsafe operated civil drones.

We will execute each job with TOP tools & professional trained and certified drone pilots. All projects are tailored to – and in consultation with – the customer (and occasional other parties involved)

Your request is our worry and challenge !


Drone-Partner_aerial inspecties_luchtfotografie_falcon8  Drone-Partner_aerial inspecties_luchtfotografie_Yuneec Q500 4K

We can use several types of drones/UAV/RPAS, small and large, depending on the specific need and circumstances.

Cameras are available upto 30Mp for photo & video upto UHD / 4K @30fps (or HD @120fps) capacity  and always with 3D gimball stabilisation for optimal image quality. In most situations, “live” streaming of the images is possible to the groundstation.

Both indoor and outdoor flights are possible !

Some examples of drone services what we can present :

drone-partner_drone services -symbol


inspection of buildings and difficult to reach infrastructures (both with infrared camera and regular visual camera)

Drone-Partner_inspectie_detail P1000119A Drone-Partner_inspectie_platdak_lekken_thermografie Drone-Partner_inspectie_platdak_lekken_thermografie
  • heatloss / insulation defects
  • power poles, pylons
  • bridges
  • wind farms
  • high chimneys
  • technical installations
  • monuments

 – inspections of large PV-powerplants (hot-spot control) 


  • land surveying
  • mapping
  • orthographic
  • volume calculations (f.e. : bulk stockage, …)
  • 3D pointcloud

- surveying / inspections of construction sites

  • quick visual overview on large construction sites
  • rework for BIM (Building Information Modelling) : 3D mapping of existing buildings or progress measuring on new constructions
  • material stock control on-site (LEAN-proces)

drone-partner_drone services -symbolDAMAGE/LOSS EXPERTISE 

- quick overview of damage site – storm damage, fire, hail, road accident, disaster, …  

  •  photo & video possible with regular visual and thermal (infrared) camera
  •  direct live streaming to insurance company , crisis command center, …

– mapping damaged site (2D of 3D) by detailled photogrammetry

drone-partner_drone services -symbolAERIAL IMAGING ( aerial footage & video production ) 

-  aerial footage & video production at events

  • depending on the wishes/need, we can deliver raw images or full-option productions

-  visual support for real estate sales & development

  • simulation of new constructions
  • video in and around projects


-  aerial assistance for security/safety at events (crowd control & event control)  

-  search & rescue operations (drone-partner is a member of www.SARdrones.org  www.SWARM.red )

drone-partner_drone services -symbolMARKETING SUPPORT

- you got a new product and want to get it in the picture ? Maybe we can fly it in at the presentation (on this moment we can lift upto 2.5kg payload)

- or want a promotional banner flying in …?

– …

Attention : (on this moment) the Belgian Law for the use of drones, doesn’t allow to drop, tier, carry, … products in open air ! Indoor there is no issue.

A special request or application need for a drone in the air ?  It’s our pleasure to listen to you and find out if we can handle that challenge !

With Drone-Partner we set safety and quality as are our major values. Therefore we’ll make sure that our professional drones are in perfect condition, inspected and maintened against the highest legal standards and our pilots have an international registered BNUC-S (EuroUSC) pilot ID.

Member of Smartcities.Vlaanderen and sector organisations EUKA & BeUAS.



22310334_133098624004438_1216843754178823063_n EUKA_Vlaanderenblack_2017 BeUAS_certifieddronepilot drone-partner - EUoUSC pilot






For optimal service AND safety, we have chosen to do almost every drone job with (at least) 2 operators : 1 pilot and 1 observer, and occasional completed with technical experts or camera operators. If needed, we will use extra observers to guarantee a maximal safety standard. If you are searching for the cheapest drone pilot, I’m pretty sure we can’t help you. 

For information : www.drone-partner.be/contact or direct call  ( 0032475317701 )

The most recent Belgian law about the use of drones, and  specific info about this, you can find on :  mobilit.belgium.be/nl/luchtvaart/drones 

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